This Sunday (July 22nd)...make a difference!

Starting:  Meteghan Fire Hall
When:  11 am.

Attention!  Calling all bikers-I would like to introduce you to my 5 year old niece megan who has a condition called Neurofibromatosis which causes tumors and lumps to grow inside and outside of her body. The latest tumors have been found on both her optic nerves. The damage to the left eye can not be fixed and has left her legally blind in that eye. Her team of doctors at the IWK are going to attempt to save the vision she has left in her right eye by treating it with chemotherapy.  She will be receiving treatments for the next 18 months.  So lets see how many bikes we can gather for this event, also the public is invited to come in and make a donation for a bowl of "tante blanches" fish chowder.  All money raised at this event will go to help with Megan's medications and numerous trips to the IWK. 

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