Time for Change.

The Dunk'em Game was taken out of storage and given a new home. After much discussion and many offers...the Dunk'em Game will now be the property of the Bear River Fire Department. It is good seeing it stay in the community.

It was with heavy hearts that the Riders said "good bye" to the Dunk'em Game. Be watching for it at events this summer and be sure to throw a few balls or volunteer to get wet to help raise money for a wonderful cause!

2011 Concepts

DUU CR&S Premium 1,916 cc V-twin Concept Bike
The DUU extends this concept, now synonymous with the CR&S brand. In addition to technical and aesthetic options, the DUU allows different configurations. The CR&S DUU begins with a single or two-seater base module, which provides the main needs of the rider while offering countless configuration options, without affecting functionality or the aesthetic form.
An innovative motorcycle, “modular and muscular”, built from high quality, durable materials and best components, with a powerful, rugged and reliable engine.
CR&S expects to deliver the first DUU in Europe by 2011. Target price, for the base model, is € 20,000.00 on the road, with a production volume of a few dozen units per year.

Bowling Night

Want a break from the cold? Want to join in a few laughs? Both will be found on Saturday, January 30th at Wilson's. Bring $10 and show up at 7 pm!

This just in...

This one came to us today and it was too sweet to pass up. Check it out...this has got to become a project in the future...Tony would get hurt test riding something like this.