Bourgets Bike Works Inc.

Located in Phoenix and founded in 1993...these lads are putting out some incredible rides. "We build ego's for people"...that is a quote that got me interested! If you have dreamed of it...chances are they have already put it together and are offering it to the masses. These guys really do have something for everyone. Be sure to check out their line at
Some of the hottest rides I've seen in a long time!

British Artist Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn was born in the late 1950s and grew up in the bustling University City of Cambridge. He was a pupil at Cambridgeshire High School for Boys, commonly known then as 'The County'. His favourite subject then was art and in his final year he won the school art prize for his work. Since 2005 his prints business has steadily grown. Specialising in car and motorcycle paintings he is continuing to produce artwork, not only for himself but also for a number of international clients including the BMW Car Club of America, Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club and the Vintage Motorcycle Club. Steve is truly enthusiastic about what he does and even when chilling out in his spare time is thinking about what he wants to create next. His work is now becoming much sought after world-wide and will be very collectable in the future. Steve's modesty would never admit to being good at what he does but public demand speaks volumes.
See more of his art at

The right paint can make a ride!

Does advertising work? Not always...but I sure want to go to the zoo!!! Click on the image to check out the detail!

Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer

Please note, the Commando 961 Cafe Racer and the Commando 961 Sport are currently only available in the U.K. and will be made available internationally to purchase from your nearest Norton dealer in the near future.

2011 Moto Guzzi California Black Eagle

2011 Ducati Diavel Carbon

The Diavel Carbon embodies the true nature of the Diavel concept, where performance combines with style to celebrate Italian engineering at its best. Lightweight composites and milled aluminium components meld the two worlds of sport and style with features that are both visually beautiful and functionally high-performance.

Hard to be seen, easy to be noticed.Even when disappearing in a split second, everyone will always be captivated. This is the magic of Diavel.

The design sets new standards in beauty, innovation and sophistication, while outstanding agility and handling are encased within a muscular body which moves with 162 hp. Its astonishing power can be managed in three different Riding Modes and with the assurance of the Ducati Safety Pack (ABS + Ducati Traction Control). Ducati has created something truly magic.

New 2011 Harley-Davidson XL1200C Custom H-D1 Sportster

A wide front end and chunky 16-inch tire give the new Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom a strong and contemporary stance. Introduced as a mid-year addition to the 2011 Harley-Davidson model line-up, the 1200 Custom features new wheels, a pull-back handlebar, and a reshaped LED tail lamp. While these elements combine to give the 1200 Custom an exciting new look, the 1200 Custom also debuts H-D1 factory customization, a new opportunity that allows the customer to choose from seven option categories to optimize fit, function and style. By selecting from available factory-installed wheels, handlebars, seats, paint, foot control position, security system, and engine finish, the customer can create a 1200 Custom that is a truly personalized motorcycle. The 1200 Custom offers a new look but is Sportster to the core, while offering a combination of bold styling, nimble handling and the irresistible beat of American V-Twin performance.