"DC Riders" Patches are Here!

Back and front patches are available today! The large ones are $20 and the small ones are $10. Those shown here are simply taped on but we wanted to have them modeled for you anyway! Members are expected to fill out an application and you can get your patch today. NOTE: Those who have been already approved for membership-we need your insurance company, policy number, and expiry date for our file. We are working hard to keep the members safe...this will be on file in case of a mishap. Get us the information as soon as you can and lets get ready for another amazing riding season!

DC RIders Bowling Night

You asked for it...we'll plan it!!! DC Riders will be hosting a bowling night on March 28th at 7 pm. All are welcome...come ready to pay for your shoes and how ever many strings you can bowl. Our challenge? Beat Tony...you can see by the ball that he's sending down the return lane that this challenge may be not so hard!!! Nice shot Tony...nice shot!!!

DC Riders' Member Patches

On Feb. 27th, Members will be able to obtain their official DC Riders 11"x12" embroidered back patch for their jackets. There will also be a 3.6" x 4" patch for the front! Be sure you fill out your membership application so you can grab this first order right away! They will go fast...the requests have been overwhelming!!! Be watching for our T-shirts and some other special gear to follow soon. Also, John and Andrew have been working on a an insane surprise to help raise some funds...this will blow your mind...watch this site for updates!

New V Max

Tony was talking about the new V-Max this week. Being a Harley Davidson Fool I wasn't that interested...that is until he started telling me some of the details. This rig will do a standing quarter mile in under 10 seconds...thanks to a massive V-four engine, expected to be at least 1800cc, and more than 200 hp. That got my attention! Bringing back the V-Max may not be so bad an idea!!!

DC Riders Take Notice.

John Soles (DC Riders President) is shown here presenting a "certificate of appreciation" to Vicky from Wilson's Bowling Center and also to Mike from Fundy Motors. Fundy Motors gave the largest donation in this years bowl-a-thon and it was celebrated by the Riders at this weeks meeting. Wilson's Bowling Center hosted an amazing evening of laughter and gags. Look for more community events in the future where you can come out and have a good laugh.

Dr. Neil Pothier Gettin' It Done

Dr. Neil Pothier...founding member and current secretary of the DC Riders...reached out to a silent member of Digby County last weekend. This little guy found himself in trouble until he was brought to Neil's attention. This "horned owl"...(at least I think it's a horned owl...I'm just writing this...he's the vet!)...was cared for under the watchful eye of Bayview Animal Hospital until he was cleared for take off. Last Sunday the owl was happily released and flew off to soar another day. I couldn't help but envy the wind he was feeling as he flew away and realized how close we are to pulling out our rigs and feeling that same wind in our own faces. Hats off to Dr. Neil and his care about this region!

Thanks To All! DC Riders Bowl-a-thon great success!!!

DC Riders are on the Move!!

What a night!! Fun...prizes...laughs...draws...and pins
that found themselves wishing they had never been made!!!
Thanks to all who gave...to all who came....and to all who participated!!!
Special thanks to Karla Kelly for a great eye and awesome pics!