Dr. Neil Pothier Gettin' It Done

Dr. Neil Pothier...founding member and current secretary of the DC Riders...reached out to a silent member of Digby County last weekend. This little guy found himself in trouble until he was brought to Neil's attention. This "horned owl"...(at least I think it's a horned owl...I'm just writing this...he's the vet!)...was cared for under the watchful eye of Bayview Animal Hospital until he was cleared for take off. Last Sunday the owl was happily released and flew off to soar another day. I couldn't help but envy the wind he was feeling as he flew away and realized how close we are to pulling out our rigs and feeling that same wind in our own faces. Hats off to Dr. Neil and his care about this region!


  1. Check out an article on NovaNewsNow.

  2. It's great to see people making a difference!!!