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Hoosier Daddy Choppers’ Jack Daniel’s Sporty

Wikked Steel...a closer look!

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Daytona Best Of Show Ultra Radical Custom Motorcycle 2012

Technical info:
Owner/Builder: Steve Galvin. Wikked Steel.
Frame: Custom built from 4″ steel pipe for backbone and dual 1 1/2″ pipe for single loops style cradle. Frame is also the gas tank and holds 3 gallons of gas.
Front End: Wikked Steel design incorporating a leaf spring suspension hidden inside of pipe.
Handlebars: Wikked Steel design made from “streamline” tubing with internal throttle.
Wheels: Pickard USA, 3.5x 21 for front, 3.75x 23 for center rear and two12 x 21 for the outer rear wheels
Tires: Avon
Engine: 152″ Ilmor Engineering Billet motor built for Viper Motorcycles
Carburetor: PSI Big Air
Transmission: Baker Torque Box
Primary: Baker Synchronous Belt Drive
Electronics: Grip Ace
Oil Tanks: The dual chrome tubes on either side of the backbone.
Headlights: Built in house and mounted on end of oil tanks.
Speedo/Tach: MotoGadget
Battery: Antigravity Batteries Lithium Ion
Seat: Nelson Cimo
Paint: Raleigh at RC Customz

Irony...You gotta love it!

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