Dunk'em Game Coming Soon!

This Ain't Your Momma's Dunk Tank!!!! The RIders knew that anyone could build a conventional dunk tank...so we decided to assemble a Motley Crew that would build us a dunk tank like no other! It will debut for Scallop Days and help raise money for our events throughout the year. Be sure to check it out at the Marina parking lot all weekend long. NOTE: In the pre-trials, Tony was doing a lot of talking but Leanne took one pitch and put him in his place!

Guess what we've been up to?

There are several things that could be going on here! Email us your best caption to be placed at the bottom of a pic like this and be sure to make fun of Neil!!!!

John Holds the Hardware!

John holds up the "winning" hardware from one of the parades. The float is getting high praise. It was built for Scallop Days and will be part of the grand street parade Aug. 8 if you haven't seen it yet!

Congrats to Wendy!

Congrats to Wendy on getting her license! She can be seen going by you at Mach 1 with a silly grin that only bikers can truly understand! Way to go girl!!! Note: She too likes chaps...but she prefers her chaps in the rain...and on Dean!

LDawg! Makes the Tim's run!!!

Our helmets are off to Larry Kelly this morning...not only has he decided to tame the saddle but he has silenced the critics while doing so. Last year Larry decided to step out in unfamiliar waters when he purchased his 1300 Honda...what was strange about a purchase such as this? Well, Larry didn't have his license. Until then, Larry had shown no hint of desire to ride...maybe to wear chaps on occasion (that is another story) but the ride had been his own personal silent obsession. Well, a year later and despite the nae-sayers...Larry got off the back roads of Weymouth and came to the bright glow of the Tims sign in Digby! At a boy Larry! Now keep the shiny side up and get out there!

Brook Melanson pulls a sucker from the flower carried by pirate clown Fraser Sypher during the Canada Day parade.

Best overall in Middleton

The float comes up good once again! Great work and thanks to all who played a part!

Two new shucking tables for this years contest! We've been busy little rabbits!

Hyanide: That'll Work!

This bad boy could work around this region. It would sure make the biking season last a couple more months! I'd invest in something like this. Come on lads...mass production!

Designer : Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz
Engine: 60hp, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Status : One fifth of a scale model / currently not going into production
Credibility : Potent for any terrain, courtesy of its flexible rubber treads

Work/Info Night

The DC Riders are having a Work/Info nite, Tuesday the 14th at 6:30 pm., at John Soles place, 6 Prince William St., Digby. We will be working on the 'DC Riders Dunk'em Game', the 'Scallop Days Shucking Tables', as well as letting the members know what the DC Riders will be involved in during Digby Scallop Days and the Wharf Rat Rally. We hope that you will be able to attend this evening of work, info and fun.

Hardcore Cycles, Walz is taking over!

Marcus Walz was born in Heidelberg Germany, on July of 1967. Even in childhood he was fascinated by everything with wheels, spending every free minute at the nearby Hockenheimring race track.

Before he bought his first car at 17, he had already owned more than 20 mopeds, which he would rebuild and then resell. At 19, he discovered his love for everything that came from the United States, primarily cars. He completely disassembled the 1969 Camaro and 1971 Corvette Cabrio he owned at the time, rebuilt them piece for piece and then sold them with a heavy heart (but a great deal of profit).

Then it happened at 20: The first Harley was purchased. The 1987 Softail was mercilessly converted. Then, for the unbelievable sum of DM 50,000, the Harley was sold to a good friend. With the money, Marcus primarily bought good tools and, using the rest, a completely rundown Pan/Shovel in Starrahmen.

Marcus discovered a new passion with the 1980s: Moto Cross.

At the end of 1992, Marcus registered his small workshop commercially and then officially founded WALZ HARDCORE CYCLES in January of 1993.

In 1998, Marcus invented and developed the “Drag Style” frame now known worldwide and presented with it a completely new style of custom bike, whose presentation struck like a bomb.

Since then he has won almost every big show in the world and has transformed "Hardcore Cycles" in a world renown brand.

HD Concepts.

This HD Trike caught my eye...info on it is found below. And this HD concept bike on the bottom has a great look. Maybe we'll see something like that in the future. Also, for those of you that are not used to blogs...you can type a topic into the search bar at the top right and it'll bring up past posts. Try "downtube" or "patch" and see how it works! This article will come up first...because the words downtube and patch appear in it...but beneath it you will see other posts from the DC Riders that have those words in them. Just a hint to find stuff fast for those who visit often.

Anders "Chopperbyggarn" Johansson is now 100% dedicated to custom trike projekts for the Harley Davidson Engines. The concept with the modified rearaxle is unique and gives you the ultimate bike to ride.
You can always turn back to 2 wheels with very little extra work!

Great White North Rigs!

Nothing says "Canada" like the good ol'hockey game! Here are some great hockey bikes!
Email your hockey bikes: dcriders@hotmail.com

Zeel Customs Out Of Quebec Making their Mark

If you can image it, we can make it!-
That is there motto and they live up to it. They got their first international jump when they won the discovery biker build-off with their brass trike...now they are all over. Certainly they have taken the Canadian corner of the bike market but now have also branched out and gotten the attention of Hollywood. They build the mustang featured in "Death Race" and have several other projects on the go! Here are a couple of their other designs...from the Tim Hortons bike to the General Lee...they all appeal to the eye.

Zeel does it all...this is their mission statement: Our team consists of engineers, designers, draftsmen, machinists and fabricators to allow your ideas and dreams to become reality. We specialize in on-road and off-road vehicles from antique cars, muscle cars, sport compact cars, sport and custom motorcycles to trikes, ATVs and more. From complete projects, custom parts, small and large production parts to the most important --engineering consulting -- Zeel Design delivers.

Famous Movie Bikes

Lots of bikes have made their mark on the big screen. Many help define the culture of their day. Here are some memorable bikes from yesterday and today that make our movie viewing more exciting.

1969 HD Chopper from Easy Riders.

1953 "The Wild One"...Marlon Brando leader of Black Rebels Motorcycle Club was on a "Triumph"...his own bike in real life...Lee Marvin's character was on a HD.

This Summer Terminator Salvation Bike

1963 Triumph Steve McQueen rode in "The Great Escape"...funny considering it was a WWII flick.

Hell Bike from Ghost Rider

Elvis helped make HD an American Legend. Here on his 1956 HD KH.

Bat Pod

Land Speeder (Star Wars)