Dunk'em Game in Action

Some have wondered how the mechanics of the game go down...here is a look at the process...as you can see...not only are we good looking...WE's smart too!

Maritime Building at its Best.

Originally from Notre-Dame NB, Luc Leblanc grew up working around his father's backyard shop. He was always taking stuff apart and then putting it back together.

In January 2004, the company was officially created. After a new project bike was in the works, Luc decided to do machine work and fabricate custom bikes and parts under the name of Kent County Custom.

Luc has proven himself a real maritime craftsman and his designs are some of the best around. If you are ever riding around NB...be sure to check him out!

Rolling Tribute...less we forget.

You most likely remember that day with vivid clarity...September 11, 2001. What were you doing? It's been a while but certainly it is a day that we will never forget. Here is one mans tribute to those lost that day. I thought it was neat and worth posting. The trucker's name is John Holmgren from Shafer, Minn. He has been 'pulled over' numerous times just so the troopers can get their picture taken with this rolling memorial.

Great job Riders...

Thanks to all the "Riders" that made the last couple of weeks go a little smoother. We have some events coming up for the Wharf Rat Rally so be sure to step up whenever you can. We appreciate you all and know that the club is making a name for itself. We are also close to the $500 donation for the playground! Keep up the work...you make us proud!

What a Difference a Year Makes...

This post is to address some of the silly rumors floating around that Neil is dying. First of all...anyone who is up at 5 am can observe just how hard Neil has been working at making some big changes. The DC Riders salute Dr. Neil Pothier for his dedication and discipline to creating a healthier lifestyle. They say a pic is worth a thousand words...so below are a couple thousand to remind us all what can happen when we put our mind to it...and it only took him 364 days.

Dr. Pothier a year ago at Scallop Days! Aug. 10, 2008

Dr. Pothier this year at Scallop Days! Aug. 9, 2009

Passing the Hat For a Great Cause!!!

This is the site of the playground...beside Bayview Animal Hosptial! Let's pull together and give the kids a place to play!

DC Riders,
This challenge goes out to all the DC Riders. The Executive have decided to pass the hat for an exciting project in town. "Let them be Kids" will be building a community playground for Digby on Sept 26th starting at 8 am right beside Bayview Animal Hospital. Our executive thought it would be a great place to donate some time that Saturday as a club. We'd be shoveling, lugging and in doing so, show the community that we care. In addition to this...we want to put our money where our mouth is...the executive have donated $150 out of our own pockets. If four of us can give $150...our challenge is for the rest of you to kick in whatever you can to help achieve a $500 donation...come on....lets make this happen so we can get our club represented on a "Wall of Thanks", that will be posted at the playground for years to come! We can do it. Please drop off a donation to the Bayview Animal Hospital in the next 2 weeks!
Andrew Maves
Vice President

Thanks to All!

The Dunk'em Game came up big. Thanks to all those who stopped by to support the riders. Also, the float took first place in the parade! A special thanks to Ellis' Chev for donating awesome trucks to pull the boat each parade! And one last thing...we celebrate the recognition...not to brag but instead to remind our member that we appreciate the jobs well done and we thought that these new pics would remind everyone that we don't take ourselves to seriously!

Behold...it comes!

The Dunk'em Game has been assembled and will have its test run today! Thanks to all who poured themselves into this project...we hope it makes some cash for years to come.

What's going on?

Email your funny captions to dcriders@hotmail.com -

Annapolis Fire Works!

A bunch of the riders went to the Annapolis fire works. We were pick'n and grin'n! It was a great show and hats off to the organizers! Great job!

Float Wins Again!

The float had another great showing at the Clare Parade and the hardware just keeps on coming! Here's our Scallop Days Queen, Chaylene Sarty holding the new bling!

The Truck Rolls Out!

Dr. Detroit gets the truck done up right! Neils new truck looked hot before but the flames make it his own! Looks good buddy!

Climbing Wall

Dr. Neil Pothier purchased the material and the riders jumped in with some hammers! It will be used for the kids week at the Digby Wesleyan Church! Great job guys! Who is that masked man?