Sept 1 & 2, 2012

DC Riders Association and the Lobster Bash Association will be assisting the Digby Harbour Port Association with the NSBRA Boat Races on Saturday and Sunday.

We like it...


Be at Dockside Sunday at 11am and lets rock the rally OLD SCHOOL!
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Pic of the Day.

Here is a "Bean're" pic of the day.  He is on his way to Digby Nova Scotia for the Wharf Rat Rally.  He will have some of his new books here to sign!  Don't miss it.

Pic of the Day!

Here is the pic of the day....please send us your pics of the journey!  We want interesting shots of a location with your ride!  This one comes from New Brunswick.  Neat shot!  Thanks!

Monster Ducati

Simone Conti of Italy shows off his first custom build. This 24-year-old hit it out of the park with this build. The motor is from a Ducati Monster 900 i.e. but the rest is almost completely hand-built.

Conti measured the original Monster trellis frame, and used the geometry to create his own frame with an AutoCAD program. This was then cut with a CNC machine and assembled into the skeletal creation we see here.  The bodywork is a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber, all created by hand. That includes the fairings, the air box, the seat, the snaking exhaust system and the gas tank. (It contains a mere six liters, so Conti is now making another that contains a mighty eight liters.)

Pic of the Day!

I enjoy this shot.  Send us your pics of the journey!  If we like'em....we'll share'em.  This shot is  from High Octane.  Awesome....Click to enlarge!

2009 Harley-Davidson
Nightster 1200cc
Stock & Custom: Exhaust, Rear Shocks, Handlebars, & Windshield.
- Includes Saddle Bags -
Email us if interested.


The bike takes Harley’s Nightster theme a step further, with a chopped front end, new bars, bodywork and lighting—and a terrific exhaust system that adds to the compact, muscular vibe.