Parenting: An awesome responsibility!

...teaching us to control our strengths... lessons that help us survive the cold seasons of life...
...truths never forgotten that bind us together...
...even below the surface, its beauty runs deep...
...big and small...its special to watch...
...especially seen somewhere near Wal-mart!

Mark Maryanovich Photography coming to the WRR!

Mark will be around Digby for the Wharf Rat Rally...he got his start in the music industry and works with bands but his love for cars and bikes is bringing him east for the Rally. He is planning on doing some shots for riders with their bikes. Don't miss a chance to get in on this one! Mark does some incredible stuff.

Saturday July 23rd

Registration 10:30
Departs Noon


Starts at the Lions Den

-162 Old Enfield Road, Enfield-

BBQ, 50/50 Draws, Raffles, Silent Auction

Ends at Curly Portable’s, Enfield

Join us at the pub for prizes, great grub and lots of fun!


'51 Buick LaSabre
'54 Dodge Fire Arrow
'54 Wildcat II
'53 Buick Wildcat
'51 Chrysler K310
'41 Chrysler Thunderbolt

Men at Work...sometimes the easy way is not the best way!

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The Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show

The "Rat's Hole" was founded by Karl Smith Sr. (AKA Big Daddy) some 30+ years ago in Daytona Beach. Since then it has grown to a recognized traveling event that hits all the big bike events around the country. You can follow them at:


The winners of the DC Riders Seafood Draw were: Richard Robertson (20 lbs of Scallops), Murray Adam (20 lbs of Lobster), and Kevin LeBlanc (20 lbs of Haddock). Thank you to all those that purchased tickets, and to Mayor Ben Cleveland for drawing the winning tickets.