Igor Chak's 2012 Hybrid

Dubbed 2012 Izh-1, this hybrid Motorcycle incorporates smooth and aerodynamic design. The motorcycle has got the lightweight construction with innovative and lighter components used to reduce its weight half to conventional bikes, making it perfect for the rides in future congested streets.

The brain child of Igor Chak, the motorcycle is inspired from the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, however the bike has a few designing cues from the Russian bike. The concept features a 505 V-twin engine, 50% of which is made of reinforced and heat resistant plastic. The engine is capable to produce 140hp.

Additionally, there is a fuel-regulating system for better fuel economy along with unique dual airbag for vital safety that keeps the bike straight and stable in case of front end collision. Also, there is a proximity regulating radar system that in collaboration with front in-built camera slows down bike in case a car stops in front of the bike.

Hydrogen Future

It is no new fact that hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles are the future for automobile industry as they are both an economical and ecologically the smart option. With crude oil becoming an absolute premium with each passing day, fuel cells are becoming more of a reality.
With that in mind, Alex Bell and Andres Pacheco – engineering students at Swarthmore College, ventured into creating something that could soon become the future for bikes. It’s a fuel cell powered motorcycle that uses hydrogen.

Read more: http://www.greenpacks.org/category/technology/page/11/#ixzz10qtveFsR

Wharf Rat Rally Photo Opportunity gone Wrong!

"This was Bob's best tow of the year! At around 6 pm Friday night a young man from northern New Brunswick attempted a burn-out on the end of the wharf and proceeded to drive his 2008 Harley Davidson off the outside of the wharf. Approximate value of the bike according to his father who was there - $25,000"

Custom Work.

Hydrostatic Drive Diesel Motorcycle

Builder: Jeff Parker
The bike gets about 65 to 70 mpg in normal riding but when he's out for a leisurely cruise, Jeff says he can easily get over 80 mpg, not bad for an 1123cc diesel engine in a 700 pound bike with another 200 pounds of rider. The fuel tank holds the diesel fuel and there is a 2 gallon tank below it for hydraulic fluid. The bike will cover over 350 miles per fill up. He's been to Sturgis for 3 years now and the guys he rides with fill up 3 times to his one when they're on the road.

Great Town Shots of the Wharf Rat Rally!

This is what happens when 40 or 50,000 of your closest friends stop by for a visit!
More pics at our facebook page!

Hats off to the police, fire crews and EHS for a great job at the Rally.

Our Police force was outstanding...keeping the peace while joining in the fun! Hats off guys..thanks for all you do!

Wharf Rat Rally was Huge Success!

Hats off to the WRR committee and volunteers who pulled off an amazing weekend. Best one to date! It really was a party and the hard work made it a reality!