Playground Is Up...Great Work Mops!!!

Special thanks to Crystal Harris and her leadership team that worked so hard on making their dream reality. The park looks wonderful!

Thanks to all the DC Riders that came out to give a lift or move some sand! The playground went up some slick! "Mothers on Playground Society" did a great job raising funds. Hats off to the community for coming together and giving our kids (old and young) a place to play!

Members Ride & Grill

The ride was a little chilly but "chilly" was the only thing missing from the menu afterwards! Several kinds of meat helped warm us up! Corn, ribs, chicken, burgers, dogs and salads all made for a wonderful time around the fire! It was a great day! Thanks to all that came out and be watching for more...

When the legs stop working...ride in style.

Someone sent me this...thought it was neat...Don't forget the Burgers and ride this Sunday.


The DC Riders will be going on a ride this Sunday afternoon, departing from the Conway Shell at 1:00pm. All members are encouraged to go on what might be the last run for the season. It won't be a long run, probably up to Bridgetown and back.

There is also going to be a members (and family) BBQ at 6:00pm on Sunday as well. It will be at John Soles' place, 6 Prince Willim St, Digby (next to Digby Marine). Dogs, burgers and pop will be provided, but if you feel like bringing something extra like salad or dessert, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you all there.

Wharf Rat Rally

We survived another Wharf Rat Rally...crowds were the biggest yet. The sun was smiling all week long. Here are a couple pics...and a taste of the "wall of death". Lots more will be on our video.

Sea of people all weekend long...

Some neat designs as always...