Acting Executive.

Here is a pic of your executive directors. From left to right: John Soles (President), Phil Robertson (Treasurer), Andrew Maves (Vice President), Niel Pothier a.k.a. Baby Kermit (Secretary - and just short enough to be cut out of this picture).

Wharf Rat Run Was Awesome!

Helmets off to the WRR for a great run on sure to take in the Rally this week. Its going to be a blast!
*Photos by the best: Karla Kelly

Wayne Ransom

Wayne Ransom is no ordinary bike builder. He is a visionary, a 26-year-old New Jersey native who's bucking the trends of the norm. Check out some of his builds.


This is gonna be a blast all!!! Great prizes!!! Great food!!! Let's get geared up for the Rally together!

Congrats on Scallop Days!

Thanks to all the Riders who gave of their time and talent in making a great Scallop Days! You guys and gals did great. Here is John at the opener...NICE SUIT!

Coastal Drifters Memorial Toy Run

When: August 8/ 2010 ( Sunday)

Where: Lion’s Hall, Barrington, Shelburne County

All riders and passengers, on any brand or size of street-legal bike, are welcome to participate in the Toy Run on August 8/ 2010 on Sunday.

Registering will start at 12.30.

We are leaving the Barrington Lion’s Hall at 1 o’clock then the run will end back at the Barrington Lion’s hall where fish chowder will be served.

A new unwrapped toy or donation would be greatly appreciated.

This event will be held rain or shine. Contact number 745-2061.


The DC Riders will be assisting the Wharf Rat Rally this year, by getting the vendors in their proper assigned spaces. Most of this will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the rally, but there could be a few vendors arrive Friday and Saturday. As the vendors arrive in town it will be our job to assist the vendors get to their properly assigned spaces. This could involve helping them back trailers into very small spaces, problem solve on the spot, or just say welcome to the Wharf Rat Rally. There will be DC Riders Directors in each vendor area to help with any problems, if they arise.

If you are able to assist with this project, please contact me by email at or by phone at 902-247-1313. Advance notice of your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Godfather Busa

Suzuki's Hayabusa is without doubt, one of the most visually stunning
motorcycles with a "Godfather" theme. The artist: Steve Nunez knocked it out of the park with this one! Enjoy the details. See more of Steve's work at

Harley's Concept Brawler – A V-Rod Powered Sportster Alternative

This concept called the Brawler, is the latest work of Travis Clark. We've seen more than a few attempts to frame the V-Rod engine into something a bit more sporty, but it looks like Travis did his homework here and things fit together better than some of the other concepts.

Big Battery Electric Motorcycle Concept from Designer Paolo De Giusti

According to De Giusti, this bike would have a large electric motor in the rear hub and a smaller motor up front.
It's called the Big Battery SE and, as the name implies, it uses a single large battery pack that is exchanged when discharged. How well that would work without charging or battery stations located in many convenient spots is open to debate, but the bike itself shows electric designs are coming into their own.