TMC Dumont Motorcycle.

The TMC Dumont Motorcycle ...aircraft-powered rocket engine.  

Love it or not, you got to give TMC props for bringing to life such a sensational, intergalactic piece of machinery.

Powered by a glossy 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental aircraft engine, the TMC Dumont Motorcycle is a fully-functioning two-wheel machine out of Brazil.

Full Moon by Akrapovic

With a new-age approach to styling and design the Full Moon is clearly taking motorcycles to the next level. Its name is thought to come from its huge thirty-inch front wheel made entirely of aluminum and carbon. The frame and bodywork are made out of sheet metal and it comes with custom-made Akrapovič exhausts and an S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine.

It was developed through the efforts of both Akrapovič and Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles. The Full Moon was designed to be a continuation of the previous motorcycle designed by the duo, the Morsus. It has automated steering and possesses the ability to stand upright, courtesy of its hydraulic suspension. The Akrapovič Full Moon is the bike of every motorcycle enthusiasts’ dreams.

Arlen Ness-Mach Ness

The Late Arlen Ness never stopped pushing what was possible!
Motorcycle manufacturer Arlen Ness crafted this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine. The aluminum outer shell with noticeably large rivets gives it a sort of steam punk edge that you just won’t get from carbon fiber and plastic. The body has been shaped entirely by hand, which lends to why it’s not being mass produced.

Great new concepts!

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BMW Autonomous R 1200 GS

Builder Sami Järvelä
Owner Sami Järvelä
Location Rauma
Country Finland
Bike Name The Saint

Builder Medvedev Vadim
Owner Вадим Медведев
Location Moscow
Country Russian Federation
Bike Name Revolver

Builder American Dreams Italy Motorcycle
Owner Achille Iceman Vianello
Location Lissone (MB)
Country Italy

Builder Racz Arpad Dorin
Owner Peter Kinczel
Location Cluj
Country Romania

Builder Orkonyi Károly
Owner Orkonyi Károly
Location Makó
Country Hungary