Calling all Riders

The DC Riders will be assisting the Canadian Powerlifting Union & Culloden Powerlifting Club on May 29th. The event will be held at the Digby Elementary School gym. We are asking our members that are able to assist with this to contact Andrew Maves - DC Riders Vice President at 245-4634 and let him know. He can fill you in on the times and details. You can also email him at

This will be a great event for the town, bringing quite a few new visitors, so let's get out and help run this.

Nathan Gets'r Done!

MONTREAL – Amherst’s Nathan Robertson may not have pushed the stone over the hill that would have qualified him for the World Powerlifting Championships in Helsinki, Finland, but he did inch up that hill a little higher.

Robertson broke another Canadian record and had personal best lifts at the National Championships Saturday in Montreal.

“I set a lot of personal records there and broke another Canadian record,” Robertson said.

Robertson lifted 782 in the squat, 562 in the bench press and 557 in the deadlift.

“When they added up my lifts I was 80 or 90 pounds over my personal best and I broke the Canadian record in the bench press,” Robertson said.

An athletes placement in the competition is determined with a formula that takes into account their weight and what they lifted, and Robertson needed to finish in at least a sixth place to have a chance to go to Helsinki.

“I didn’t end up in the top six, I was eight or ninth,” Robertson said. “When the time comes for them to decide who goes to Helsinki I might have a chance if a place opens up.”

Going into the competition Robertson hoped to lift 800 in the squat and 590 in both the bench press and deadlift,

“I didn’t reach the goals I set for myself but I did lift seven of the eight lifts that I tried, so I was pretty consistent.”

Although he didn’t reach those benchmarks he’s pleased with his overall performance.

“I set some personal records so I can’t complain,” he said.

DC Riders Skit a Big Hit!

The DC Riders performed an original skit on Friday night at the "Digby General Hospital Ladies Aux. Variety Show".

Phil may have had a good time. What do you think?

It was a time to remember! John and Jeff tried to keep Tony under control.

Greg rocked it out as "Dr. Dolittle". Wow...if you missed missed a lot!

Check out Tony sporting the "multi-personality" look!

There are more pics on the right of that night. Enjoy!


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