Boneshaker Choppers out of the UK

These guys specialize in one of handcrafted Harley's.

V8 Power...Got Cash-Amadeu's has the design!

The custom V8-powered motorcycles you see here are the brainchild of Amadeu Ferreira Junior. Produced by Amadeu’s Cosmos Muscle Bike Company, both motorcycles come with a fuel injected 350 cubic inch engine for some serious power, and quite possibly, overkill.

The 4RWF costs $93,200

The 2RWF run you only $82,100

Both motorcycles have three gears plus reverse transmission, and will be built in limited numbers. Cosmos says each of the finished motorcycles will be numbered and “linked” to the owner’s identity.


If 8 cylinders are good then 12 cylinders are better, right? This is what happens when someone takes a 5.5 liter BMW V12 and builds a drag bike around it. HMS Sportbikes, over in Germany, has been working on this project, taking the engine from a BMW 750i and creating something a little more sporting. They say it will have twin turbos and NOS but it looks to be a bit short of complete at this point.

Rock Chip!

Good thing they can fix those little rock chips nowadays!

Ice Racer?

That'll work!

Keg Design.

It ain't fast...but its a hit at the parties!

Motorcyles made from old watches.

Most of you have seen these or some like them...but they are neat so take another look.

Steampunk Choppers.

This Steampunk chopper tagged “Black Widow” is from Solifague Design. As this bike is just a concept by the designer; Don't expect to see it on the road anytime soon. Still freaky though!!

Vote for Nova Scotia!

HOG magazine is running a contest to find the best riding in the world! Click the red link below (pick language and then vote) only takes a second! Nova Scotia is ahead...give'r Canada all!

Norton is Making Gains!

Yesterday and today...Norton is known for quality.

Branching out!

Click pic to enlarge!

The 2010 line up is making noise...just wait till you see what they got in store for next year!

DC Riders Honoured By Town

Neil represented the Riders in receiving the organization award. He was joined by John who received his own "Volunteer of the Year" award, and Phil was also there receiving his own award for his tireless service!

The DC Riders where given praise at the volunteers award banquet this past week. Thanks to all the Riders who give back to make their community a better place!

Volunteer Of The Year

Congrats to the President of the DC Riders for winning the "Volunteer of the Year" award.

John getting his award.