A "Draw" never tasted so good!!!!!

Click the image to make it larger and be sure to get the word out! Mmmmmmmmm....sea critters!

And the Winner is...!!!!

Andrew won a t-shirt...and a 2010 pin...He has decided that WINNING IS GOOD! Be sure to check out: www.wharfratrally.com to see upcoming contests and details for this years rally!

Members Only

DC Riders Association Members:
A reminder that we have DC Riders patches for sale in two sizes. If you have not payed your fee for 2011...please feel free to get it in. Patch prices are found below.

11" X 12" ($20.00)

3.75" X 4" ($10.00)

Gard Hollinger runs the vision behind LA ChopRods. You may have seen him on the hit show "build or bust". Gard keeps taking design to new levels. Check out more parts and builds at www.lachoprods.com

Gangsta Choppers out of Belgium

Builder Alan Lee is no stranger to the unusual, since he's already created many a bike that defies description. He also serves as the driving force behind Belgium-based Gangsta Choppers. Her is his "Heart of Glass". Check it out.

Sculptor Jeff Decker

Jeff Decker is famed for his bronze sculptures of vintage motorcycles. Here are some of the 'real' motorcycles he's built or restored. You can check out his bronze work at: www.jeffdeckerstudio.com