Thanks to all those who took time to come out and encourage Sean and Sue yesterday. It was a great party. Amazing music...great auction and most important; FRIENDS!

Poker Run

Don't miss the great ride and prizes!
Click on poster to enlarge!

S & S Benefit Reminder

Anyone is welcome.
Digby Fire Hall...10-3 pm this Saturday. Bake goods can be dropped off anytime after 9:45 am.
Come and enjoy a burger, listen to music, visit with friends, or bid on some baked goods.
Don't miss this great cause!

Some Nice Shots

Click on the pic to enlarge. You can see the front tire is completely off...oops!

Reminder...once again!

Found in a San Francisico San Francisco Paper!

Folks, just remember as you read this, this person probably drives & votes!

The Front Foward Trikes are taking off!

Piaggio MP3

Can Am Spyder

DC Riders Help Host Provincials!

Congrats to Paul Gidney and Culloden Powerlifting for an incredible Provincial Championship last Saturday. Everything went lifters were hurt and records were broken!

Thanks to all those who came out to watch during the day. It made for an exciting championship. Digby is the destination for amazing events like this...the town always comes together!

Thank to all the DC Riders who set up, tore down, moved an endless mountain of weights and served the lifters from around the Maritimes! The lifters have made mention of the hospitality and we are proud of each one that gave of their time!