She has her maiden voyage on Saturday!

Thanks to all those who helped at giving the finishing touches. John Soles had the vision and Rosemary let him come out and play...thus, the "Scallop Queen" was born. Kevin George did a wicked job on the spar. Mike Seeley spliced the lines to make them authentic. Tidal Boatworks gave some cleats. Digby Marine hooked us up with some port and starboard running lights. Digby Salvage and Disposal got us the life preserver for the back. Atlantic Electronics gave us the radar. Richard Gaudet got us the antenna. John Soles and Bob Handspiker made a great bench! And to all the riders that came out and put it together....from paint to hammers...she sure turned out fine!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...the finishing touches!!!

Next weekend is the first parade for the float!!! The finishing touches are happening this week. Come on out to the lot any time after 6:30 pm to lend a hand or simply have a good laugh! The riders get another project done! Good work and thanks again to all that took part!

DC Riders Poker Run

The cards where handed out at each stop today...the ride is going to be amazing! Here is Phil holding up the Irving sign at one of the stops...Such a helpful feller!

Don't forget about the upcoming "Poker Run"....a chance to win some great prizes, meet some new people and most important...a chance to hit the open road! June 6th...registration at the Digby Scallop Shell...beginning at 9 am. Don't miss it!!

Round 2

Thanks again to those who made it out to the second night of 'float construction'. It is starting to take shape! We appreciate you guys giving of your time...this float is going to stand out in every parade!!

PS...more shots from last night were added to the album on the sure to take a look when you get the time!

1st Annual Poker Run

Scallop Days Float Re-fit!

The Scallop Days float is getting a re-fit...the float has served the community well over the past few years but this year the DC Riders were approached in the hopes of getting a fresh new look! Well, it has begun...Saturday the old trailer was stripped down and left naked! The plan is to get back at it Tuesday night and bring some transformation with us! Keep dialed in here to see the upgrades as they happen. Thanks to all the "Riders" that gave of their time on Saturday. You guys are great!

Harley Concept

It finally happened! Someone thought at combining the looks of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with an electric motor and the result is definitely something that most fans of the American builder could enjoy as their future bad boy toy. But how does the name Harley-Davidson even stand next to words such as electric motor, green technology and so on? French designer Nicolas Petit is the man that made it possible and although the intention was to design the electric cruiser in the Milwaukee style, the first thing that prospects will ask for is the V-twin engine powering all present Harley-Davidson models and the only electric thing fitted on those is the starter. So that’s where the title comes from.
Called the Trunk, this concept bike is definitely appealing and the motor, which is enclosed in a rounded case, isn’t that bad either. The only problem is that the oddly named thing will never sound, vibrate and feel like a veritable Harley-Davidson motorcycle and that’s in contradiction with all that this manufacturer is all about

For Tim Cameron, the Australian designer of this bike (V-Rex), it was a mere ‘dream bike’ for he thought dreams were the only place where he would ride it, but as they say destiny drives us all, this bike had to become a reality. Tim Cameron’s dream were given realistic proportions by the 200mph ‘Y2K’ Harley jet turbine-powered bike fame Christian Travert and now the experts dub it as the most startling motorcycle design ever seen.

Honda's Concepts

Wanting to create an electric motorcycle for riders by riders was the German college students Nike Albertus and Andre Look’s dream.
By designing a concept bike for dynamic road riding, the students came up with the Honda Oree .
The minimalist design is fashioned around an electric motor with radical battery packs, this is placed around the circular edge of the powerplant – including the recharge plug. Having all the bells and whistles of the performance of an electric motor, including high torque at a low revs and quick acceleration, the design does not need a CVT gearbox or clutch, instead the power is transmitted directly via belt drive.
Naked design is the best way to describe the appearance as Albertus and Look wanted the driver to be able to see the suspension working, having the rear shock visible through the frame of the front seat. The designs appearance has an exposed attitude feel, which is what is obtained from the rider’s visual aspect.
The student’s ambitious college design includes a motor of 90 plus horse power, 125 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of near 193 kmph. Weight would be an average of 290-375 lbs with a range of between 128-305 kilometres, depending on the number of batteries used.

The car industry is proclaiming it’s electric future loudly, but quietly leading the way is the bike industry. KTM is bringing an electric bike to the market by 2010, and Quantya already has an electric dirt bike, the Strada available in the market.
The latest addition to the electric bike stable is Honda with the new Vectrix Superbike concept revealed in Milan. Honda is partnering with Yuasa to add an electric bike to the 2010 line-up.
The planned electric bike will be battery-powered and emit no CO2. Yuasa and Honda will partner to develop the new lithium-ion batteries. They plan on building a manufacturing facility near Kyoto in Japan with an estimated cost of $18.5 million.
If this concept bike is anything to go on the future of electric bikes will be very exciting.

Honda's V4 Concept bike was so well received that Honda will build a motorcycle inspired by the concept in 2010. Highlighting Honda's 60th anniversary, 50th anniversary of racing, and 30th anniversary of V4 engine production, the bike will draw upon design cues from this wild concept.