Custom built jet-powered bike aims to better 200mph speed record

We’re happy with our gas guzzling motorbikes while the eco conscious have their own space for electric and other types of green bikes. There are fellows of another league still, who settle only for jet-powered bikes. Bob Maddox, the craziest fellow around, is just one of them; he has an uncanny passion for jet bikes. After his successful venture with a Super Twin Jet Bike, Bob’s back with a bike featuring twin jet engines. Created for some freakin’ rider who’s willing to take a risk on this one, the jet bike does 0-60mph in about five seconds, which is fast enough for the rider to experience that his arms are being pulled off. The twin jet engines used are pulse jets that run on any fuel but Maddox chooses regular gasoline for his testing. The bike’s engines are loud enough to blow off your ear drums, so when the bike’s on the hunt of breaking the 200mph speed record, you’ll probably hear it in all of Illinois.

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