Rusty Vintage Sportster Not So Vintage

Everybody likes a bike with a story to tell. The owner of this bike, Craig Gacom, owner of Motorsports Auto Group in Phoenix, Arizona, likes to tell people who ask, "This is a 1928 board track racer. We found it in a barn and it started right up." But he doesn't stop there. "You can go on and on with stories that people believe," he said, laughing. "I told one guy, 'Yeah, we pulled it out of the bottom of a lake, drained the oil, put fresh gas in it and it ran!' and he believed me."

The bike really started out as a '96 Harley-Davidson Sportster. The frame was sectioned underneath the gas tank and a hardtail section was grafted in. Nearly everything on the bike is custom. "It's a factory Sportster motor, but everything else is handmade," Craig said. "All the gas tank, sheetmetal — some of it is actual rust and a lot of it has been antiqued to make it look like it's old." The build took about four months.

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