Yamahawg is up and running again.

What do you get when you take 4 bikes, a four wheeler, some medal checker plate, old paint leftovers, and throw in some of the brightest minds in Digby County?
You get the Yamahawg...and a strut out of Phil that makes people back away!

The Yamahawg is not unlike other beasts of the summer...after a long winters nap it takes a short time to get this beast moving again.

But with the right tools and a little prodding...

With a little extra fuel added to the fire...

It roars to life with the promise of not slowing down till the snow returns...

A bike among motorcycles...and not for the faint of heart! Welcome back Yamahawg...take back the road!

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  1. Glad to see the bike fired up again . . . thanks to some close friends.