HD Concepts.

This HD Trike caught my eye...info on it is found below. And this HD concept bike on the bottom has a great look. Maybe we'll see something like that in the future. Also, for those of you that are not used to blogs...you can type a topic into the search bar at the top right and it'll bring up past posts. Try "downtube" or "patch" and see how it works! This article will come up first...because the words downtube and patch appear in it...but beneath it you will see other posts from the DC Riders that have those words in them. Just a hint to find stuff fast for those who visit often.

Anders "Chopperbyggarn" Johansson is now 100% dedicated to custom trike projekts for the Harley Davidson Engines. The concept with the modified rearaxle is unique and gives you the ultimate bike to ride.
You can always turn back to 2 wheels with very little extra work!

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