Famous Movie Bikes

Lots of bikes have made their mark on the big screen. Many help define the culture of their day. Here are some memorable bikes from yesterday and today that make our movie viewing more exciting.

1969 HD Chopper from Easy Riders.

1953 "The Wild One"...Marlon Brando leader of Black Rebels Motorcycle Club was on a "Triumph"...his own bike in real life...Lee Marvin's character was on a HD.

This Summer Terminator Salvation Bike

1963 Triumph Steve McQueen rode in "The Great Escape"...funny considering it was a WWII flick.

Hell Bike from Ghost Rider

Elvis helped make HD an American Legend. Here on his 1956 HD KH.

Bat Pod

Land Speeder (Star Wars)


  1. hey, call me picky but the starwars land speeder is in fact called a "peeder bike". even better, no?!
    coll images anyway!

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      "speeder bike" and "cool images" of course...
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