Bob's first try! Check out his second try below this post!

We have seen the previous model of the Pulse jet-powered bicycle from Maddox (don’t go on the initial half of his name for doing this). It was an exciting iteration from the man symbolized with the Pulse jet engine. And now churning his trait in for another beauty, this time he’s taken an old school cruiser bicycle to 73mph courtesy of the bolt twin engines. Taking a ride over the Super Twin at that speed, Maddox lived again to tell his tale, and has also managed to sell off six bikes to nerds of the same capacity – if you’re one interested, try your luck on eBay where it’s up for grabs at $8,500. Guys, the bike weighs 85 pounds and can be real pain to the earbuds (could actually blow it off, so just stay at a distance), but for trouble if you mount, the bikes has nothing more than standard brakes – if you’re game to try you might just think well before bidding. Video of the bike in action after the jump.

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